Corinna loves to help people achieve their financial dreams.

Corinna is known as a very caring person, who offers immense support to her team. It’s just one of the reasons why IMA is able to provide you with exceptional care.

Understanding First

Corinna told us what she believes makes a successful financial advisor.

“A person that really listens to your story and your plans, but also understands your personality and worries,” she explained.
“And with that knowledge, structures a financial path and guides you along the way to your goals.”

Professional Support

Corinna has been in the finance industry for more than a decade. Over this time, she has honed a broad range of financial planning skills.

As well as helping people achieve the big picture, she believes the small, everyday questions matter too.

“Whether it’s filling out a form, or helping someone combine their super and save on fees, I love talking to people and being of assistance to them!”

Clear Advice

Explaining complex financial issues in plain English is what Corinna does best. Her reports are clearly written. Plus, she takes the time to ensure you understand every facet of your financial strategy.

Talk to Corinna

To find out more about how IMA Financial Services can help you along your financial journey, email Corinna at or phone (08)9284 2111.